Andrei Voronkov's Homepage

I am Professor of Formal Methods at the University of Manchester.

I am also known as the designer and founder of the EasyChair conference management system , the main designer of the theorem prover Vampire , and the founder of the LPAR conference series.

In addition, I published over 100 papers in various areas of computer science and logic.


(June 2013) Vampire is winning CASC yet again! Vampire has won the world cup in theorem proving CASC held at 24th International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE). This time Vampire was the winner in the main division of the competition FOF (first-order formulas). All together Vampire won 28 division titles in CASC since 1999: more than any other theorem prover in the history of the competition. Vampire won all the FOF divisions since 2002.
(February 2013) The number of users of EasyChair exceeded 800,000.
(January 2012) Ten Turing Award Winners, Garry Kasparov and other outstanding scientists will speak at the Turing Centenary Conference!